Volkswagen EGR problems

Volkswagen EGR problems
Is your VW diesel running rough, blowing smoke, is the engine light on? are you getting poor fuel economy? VW’s have a common problem with a failing EGR valve & cooler, due to the soot in the system these valves suffer from a carbon build up which decreases performance & increases fuel usage. Caused by VW EGR problems.

What is an EGR?

For combustion to occur in your car, it is necessary to draw in air (which is approximately 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen) from outside of the vehicle. The air combines with fuel and ignites in the combustion chamber where temperatures reach over 1370°C.

At this high-temperature, inert nitrogen naturally present in air burns creating oxides of nitrogen (NOx). NOx is one of the main pollutants from cars and is known to cause human health problems such as respiratory issues and lung conditions.

To reduce the amount of NOx pollutant emitted from your vehicle, exhaust gases need to be cooled before being emitted from your vehicle. In order to achieve this, they are introduced back into the combustion chamber via the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve; this reduces the temperature and thereby inhibits the production of NOx emissions

The EGR valve is fairly simple.  When it is open, exhaust gases are allowed through the EGR system to help control vehicle emissions. When the valve is closed, exhaust gases can’t pass through the EGR system.

Operationally this means that when the engine is first started the valve stays in a closed position. As you speed up and the engine reaches its operating temperature the valve gradually opens. However, should you slow down or stop the valve will gradually close.

This happens continually throughout your journey to ensure recirculation only occurs when the car is at a working temperature. This helps to ensure the car maintains fuel efficiency and emits fewer emissions.

Most modern cars utilise an electronically controlled EGR which is controlled by the vehicle’s engine control module (ECM). The ECM receives inputs from various sensors throughout the vehicle to determine the prime position of the EGR valve throughout your journey.

Problems With Your VW EGR?

If your car is displaying any of the EGR valve symptoms mentioned and you suspect that you have a faulty EGR valve then it is advisable to get your vehicle checked out by a qualified mechanic. EGR faults can be easily diagnosed using the correct diagnostic equipment.

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