Brake Service & Repairs

What We Do

Brake repairs – Brake discs replacement – Brake pads replacement – ABS Repair
FREE brake check

Your vehicles brakes are a life-saving component of your car’s operation, and they should be checked and inspected regularly to make sure they are in good order. If you notice your car either pulling to the right or left or making a grinding noise when you brake, it is likely that you will need to get your brakes checked.

Bob Mol Motors are specialists in the brake testing, repair and replacement of brake systems on all makes and model of car, 4WD and light commercial. Our experienced and qualified brake mechanics use the most up to date tools possible to ensure a high standard of checks and repairs on all brakes.

From replacing worn out brake pads, machining brake rotors or repairing broken hydraulics, all of our brake services are carried out with the up most safety in mind, and offered at highly competitive prices.

Brake replacement and repairs

When our technicians perform brake repairs, they check and replace (if necessary) brake discs and pads to ensure they are in full working order.
They also inspect brake shoes and cylinders and will replace those if required.

Whether you need new brakes installed, brake servicing or an inspection of your current brakes performance, visit our workshop in Caringbah, and make Bob Mol Motors your preferred brake service center.

Common signs of brake problems

Bob Mol Motors can perform an inspection to ensure a vehicle is road worthy for an upcoming trip or just peace of mind. This is usually advertised through dealerships as a used car inspection.

We also can do pre-warranty inspections to satisfy aftermarket warranty companies of the vehicles condition before they issue a policy