Hyundai i-30 common steering knock

Hyundai i-30 steering knock

We have just completed another Hyundai i30 with the dreaded steering knock.  As time goes by the rubber steering coupling/gear deteriorates, this not only causes a knock in the steering but more importantly this causes steering wandering.  This can be dangerous, if you notice a knocking noise on your Hyundai, we can remove the column & replace the gear. We then reset the steering angle sensor.

At Bob Mol Motors, we have helped many, many customers with this frequently occurring problem. Our experience in this issue means that you do not have to pay a Dealer tax to get it fixed. Check out our reviews on Google and choose the Hyundai Repairs Near me option by booking your Hyundai i30 in to get the steering knock fixed.

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Hyundai do now supply the gear as before they were trying to get us to buy a complete new unit, we were buying the gears from Kia as they are the same part. Call us, Your mechanic in Caringbah.