Hyundai getz engine mounts

Hyundai Getz Engine Mounts

Do you own a Hyundai Getz and notice that there is a tingling vibration coming from your engine every time you hit the road? You may be experiencing an engine mount failure. Typically the driver’s side mount that is attached to the right side rail can have friction problems. Even the most dependable vehicles can experience metal on metal friction.


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Learning More About an Engine Mount

The engine mount is designed to grip the engine together. Typically, you’ll find the transmission and engine clasped together. The engine mount holds the engine up, while the transmission mount holds the transmission. Additionally, the engine mount is quite multi-faceted. Although one part holds the engine, another is bolted to the car frame or body. The engineer has a variety of rotating and moving parts, which is the cause of the vibration. A quality engine mount aims to grip the engine while also limiting its vibration felt while driving.


When looking to replace engine mounts, try to find mounts that are made from rubber materials. This prevents the metal to metal contact friction that causes vibration between the car frame and engine. Engine mounts may also be charged with liquid to reduce the amount of friction caused. Think of an engine mount filled with liquid as a shock absorber that dampens the vibration.


Depending on the auto manufacturer, there are many types of engine mounts. A Porsche uses a unique electromagnetic mount to subside the vibration directed to the vehicle’s body. Other brands such as Honda and Toyota use a vacuum-controlled engine to slow down the vibration. The great aspect of an engine mount is that it only needs to be replaced once worn down. An engine mount won’t need regular servicing or maintenance.


So the question is, how long will an engine mount last before replacement is needed? Some engine mounts will last the entire shelf life of the vehicle. However, with our experience, we’ve seen engine mounts start to need replacements every five to seven years. In contrast, transmission mounts usually have a longer shelf life.

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Transmission mount

Transmission mount, Toyota Camry. Click for a larger photo

To further dampen the vibration, some engine mounts are filled with liquid. A liquid-filled engine mount works like a shock absorber.

Some car manufacturers (e.g. Toyota, Honda) use active vacuum-controlled engine mounts that vary dampening as needed. Porsche offers electromagnetic mounts to actively reduce engine vibration transferred to the body.

An engine mount doesn’t need any maintenance or regular servicing. It only needs to be replaced when it fails or wears out.

How long can an engine mount last? In some cars, engine mounts can last the life of the vehicle. We see the most of the problems with engine mounts starting to show in 5-7 year-old vehicles. Transmission mounts last longer.