Car Service – Covid-19 What we are doing

 Car Service – BOB MOL MOTORS During Covid 19

We will be maintaining our high-quality cleaning routine car service that was in place before coronavirus and enhancing it through implementing a variety of extra measures.

Our vehicle technicians will continue to be required to wear gloves whenever they are touching your vehicle, and this remains the case whether they are working on the exterior or the interior. Doing so will prevent the transfer of any bacteria.

Before we begin any work on your vehicle, we now instruct our team to cover your seats, plus the steering wheel, and lay mats on the floor. We do this to ensure no dirt is left behind after we finish our work.

To add even more peace of mind, we will wipe down all of the interior surfaces after the last piece of work has been finalised to minimise the risks of any bacteria remaining.

Our car service technicians will also be required to maintain high standards of personal hygiene among themselves, such as regular hand-washing using proper technique. Hand sanitisers are placed throughout our premises to facilitate this, including in the bathrooms and at the reception area. We also encourage our customers to use these to help us stop the spread of coronavirus.

In terms of paperwork, customers may also ask to receive emailed copies of invoices rather than hard copies, which eliminates another potential means of spreading the virus.

Finally, all of our staff will be following the social distancing guidelines that have been outlined by the authorities.

Covid-19 Measures undertaken by us:

*Ramping up hygiene measures for all team members, including washing and sanitising hands regularly
*Avoiding skin-to-skin contact.
*Wearing gloves in customers cars and disinfecting surfaces such as door handles and the steering wheel.
*Disinfecting after handling keys and cash.
*Disinfecting areas of common use, such as our store counters.
*Advising all team members that those who are feeling unwell and/or have been in direct contact with someone who is unwell must follow self-isolation guidelines issued by the Australian Government.

You can contact Car Service – Bob Mol Motors on 02 9525 3433.