Car Air Conditioner Repairs Taren Point

When the weather heats up it is time to turn on the air conditioner in your car. But, what do you do when it does not work? If you live in the south Sydney metro area bring your car to Bob Mol Motors. In the south of Sydney metro area for car air conditioner repairs Taren Point Bob Mol Motors is your best choice. As a premier automotive service centre in Sydney we service and handle repairs for all makes and models of vehicles. With our main service centre in Caringbah and our Taren Point location our top of the line technicians will have your car air conditioner repairs done in no time at all.

Car Air Conditioner Problems

The six most common reasons why you need car air conditioner repairs are these:

  • Condenser is broken
  • Condenser is simply clogged
  • Compressor is damaged
  • Refrigerant is leaking
  • Electrical problem
  • Cooling fans are not working correctly

Although these are the most common reasons that you need car air conditioner repairs there are many more and the skilled technicians at our Caringbah and Taren Point locations know what to look for, where to look and how to fix whatever problem your air conditioning system has.

Car Air Conditioner Self-maintenance

If you would like to avoid having to make an emergency visit to our Taren Point or Caringbah locations, call us at 9525 3433 and inquire about the maintenance schedule for air conditioning for your vehicle. Meanwhile, there are several things that you can do to keep your car air conditioning running smoothly. Simply run the air conditioner for ten minutes every week even when you don’t need it. This will help keep the gas pressure up so that the compressor works correctly. Do this at the coldest setting and highest fan speed. And, periodically run the AC in defrost mode for up to ten minutes. Do this to remove excessive moisture and prevent mildew build-up.

Car Air Conditioner Maintenance Taren Point and Caringbah

To stay ahead of any problems with your car air conditioner, bring it in to recharge the gas and lubricant at least every two years. When you do, our professional staff will check out the system to make certain that there are no issues lying in wait to cause the system to shut down or work poorly. At both our Caringbah and Taren Point locations we have the latest testing equipment for identifying leaks in your system, electrical problems, and any other issues that are causing your car air conditioning system to function below its optimal performance.

Before you have problems with your car air conditioning system check in with us at Bob Mol Motors in Caringbah or Taren Point for maintenance and if your air conditioning in your car is not working right now call us at 9525 3433 to set up an appointment.

Before you go anywhere else
Some of the advantages of having your vehicle serviced at Bob Mol Motors include
Specialist equipment for a specialist service
When you bring your car to Bob Mol Motors, you will have the feeling and absolute confidence in a job well done.