Service & Repair Centre

From vintage Beetles and Karmann Ghia’s to the latest Touareg and Passat models, Volkswagen has become an iconic part of Sydney car culture. With so many on the road, it seems the only problem would be where to take your VW when it needs service or repair. The obvious choice is your local VW dealership, but Bob Mol Motors is a local choice that offers a number of advantages.

First and foremost is our ability to deal with the issues commonly faced by Jetta and Golf owners. Bob Mol Motors Sydney facility is completely modern and features a wide range of impressive tools designed for accurate diagnosis and speedy repair. Using only the latest equipment, we can perform a full inspection of your VW and have it running like new regardless of how old it is.

In addition to having the right equipment, we also have the right staff. The team at Bob Mol Motors has been completing VW repair in Sydney for years and their technical knowledge of VW service is second to none.

Reasonable Prices for VW Owners

The other side of the coin is our pricing strategy. Instead of charging an arm and a leg like VW dealerships, we’re looking at more than just making a few quick dollars. Our goal is to show customers why we deserve to be their local Sydney mechanic for the life of their car, not just for a one time oil change or air conditioning service.

To reach that goal, Bob Mol Motors makes all of our charges visible through the use of transparent pricing. By keeping a published list of our costs, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay for Vento tune up or an Amarok gearbox replacement. No surprises, no hidden charges, just superior services at prices that won’t break the bank.

Why Pay High VW Dealership Prices?

Volkswagen dealerships in Sydney prey off the fear that taking your VW to an independent garage will result in a subpar job or even worse, a cancellation of your warranty. In fact, both assumptions are FALSE and Bob Mol Motors provides both full warranty protection as well as technical ability that meets or exceeds that of the dealership.

What the dealerships do is charge you much more than the service should cost. Basing their prices on this irrational fear, it’s not uncommon for prices at the dealership to be double what you’ll find at an independent repair shop like Bob Mol Motors. In most cases, it’s the exact same service with the same parts, so why give dealerships even more of your money?

Before you go anywhere else
Some of the advantages of having your vehicle serviced at Bob Mol Motors include
Specialist equipment for a specialist service
When you bring your car to Bob Mol Motors, you will have the feeling and absolute confidence in a job well done.