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Volkswagen EGR problems

Volkswagen EGR problems Is your VW diesel running rough, blowing smoke, is the engine light on? are you getting poor fuel economy? VW’s have a common problem with a failing EGR valve & cooler, due to the soot in the system these valves suffer from a carbon build up which decreases performance & increases fuel […]

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VW running rough Jerking or Shuddering on acceleration

Is Your VW running rough Jerking or Shuddering on acceleration? VW Service in Taren Point/Caringbah Does your VW run rough? Do you experience shuddering when you accelerate or jerking? Bring your vehicle in to Bob Mol Motors in Caringbah for help with any VW car service. Why Is Your Volkswagen Shuddering on Acceleration? The TSI

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Vw water pump leaking?

In certain models of Volkswagen, the coolant level can start to appear alarmingly low. You’ll notice your coolant light keeps blinking, and this could be the first sign of your VW water pump leaking. It typically happens after you’ve driven your VW for between 100000-150000 kilometres. This might seem like a large number, but if

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