Is your engine light on in your Audi?

Where to Take Audi Engine Light Problems in Caringbah, NSW

When the engine warning light goes on in your Audi, your car needs attention right away. In Caringbah, NSW your best bet is to take it to Bob Mol Motors.

What Does an Engine Light Mean?

When you are cruising down Captain Cook Drive in Caringbah in your Audi and the engine warning light comes on, what does that mean? If you are lucky, it means something as minor as a gas cap that is not tightened properly. But, it can also mean that the engine is misfiring. Sometimes it is called the engine management light. It is definitely not one to wait and see.

Modern cars have computers that constantly check the functioning of the vehicle’s engine. When your Audi’s engine warning light turns on in Caringbah, your car has a problem that needs attention. You need an automotive repair service in the Sidney metro area that has the proper computer diagnostic tools for an Audi and a skilled technician to interpret the various readouts.

Your job is not to interpret what the light means but rather to contact Bob Mol Motors in Caringbah for help. An engine light means that your Audi needs attention and a flashing engine light means that the problem is urgent.

The most common problems when an engine light in your car comes on are a loose gas cap, a faulty catalytic converter, and a failed oxygen sensor. All of these should be attended to and you can drive by to make an appointment. You can also call Marc to get a time that suits you.  But, when the engine light in your Audi, or any make of car, is flashing, you need to stop driving and contact Bob Mol Motors immediately by calling (02) 95253433. Flashing light problems pose an immediate danger to your vehicle as well as the driver and passengers.

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