Subaru Air conditioner Repairs Sutherland Shire

Subaru Air Conditioning Repairs: Sutherland Shire

Maintaining your Subaru air conditioner in Sutherland Shire provides you with reliable car cooling on hot days. It also saves you money. At Bob Mol Motors in Caringbah, we provide Subaru air conditioning repair and maintenance services. A common problem with your Subaru’s may be that you need to re-gas the system every year. This should not be the case. Your refrigerant needs to be topped off every year because you have a leak.

Subaru Air Conditioner Re-gassing

Re-gassing means that we top off the refrigerant in your air conditioning system. If you do not do this when necessary, your air conditioning will eventually fail. When you bring your Subaru to Bob Mol Motors we will not only re-gas your system when necessary but also discover why it is that you need to re-gas more frequently than is usually necessary. Whatever repairs or replacement is needed, we will track down the problem and fix it. A well-functioning system typically needs to be re-gassed every three to four years!

Subaru Air Conditioning Repair

When your Subaru in Sutherland Shire is not cooling as it should, a low level of refrigerant is often the problem but not always. Icing over of the evaporator cap or problems with the condenser, expansion valve, receiver dryer, thermo sensor, or the control can all cause your Subaru air conditioning to function poorly or not at all. At Bob Mol Motors we will check out the entire air conditioning system in your Subaru and repair or replace whatever problems we find. Our highly trained staff has been maintaining and repairing air conditioning systems for more than thirty years. We have leak detection equipment as well as the tools and parts for your Subaru in Sutherland Shire.

We Only Use the Most Appropriate Refrigerant for Your Subaru

Years ago all Subaru’s used R-12 refrigerant until this product was discovered to break down the earth’s ozone layer. Today your Subaru will use R-134A refrigerant or, more-recently, R1234yf. We will only use the most appropriate refrigerant when re-gassing your air conditioning system in order to give you efficient cooling of your vehicle and help keep the environment safe.

If you Subaru’s air conditioning is not working well, contact us at Bob Mol Motors by calling (02) 95253433, sending an email to, or coming by our shop at 20 Erskine Rd in Caringbah.