Mercedes Engine Light or Electric Seat Problems

Mercedes Engine Light or Electric Seat Problems in Sutherland Shire

Modern automobiles have many exceptional features that make driving easier, safer, and more economical. Mercedes offers its drivers great features from electric-adjustable seats to engine warning lights. Unfortunately, the best laid plans of mice, men, and automakers go oft awry (apologies to Robert Burns). You are crossing the Captain Cook Bridge in heavy traffic, trying to adjust your seat and find that the controls are not working. Or, you are in the same location when you realize that the engine warning light has been on for a bit. Luckily, you are now across the bridge heading South on Taren Point Road on your way to Caringbah where you will drop by Bob Mol Motors at 20 Erskine Rd.

Mercedes Electric Car Seat Control Problems

Mercedes is famous for its well-made and reliable cars. But, problems happen even in a Mercedes. In the case of a power-operated driver’s seat, it may move slowly, improperly, or not at all when you press the controls. Common problems include power seat buttons that need to be cleaned, moisture that has gotten into the controls, and forgotten toys, tools or other objects that are lodged under your seat. A blown fuse results in no seat movement and stretched cables or worn gears lead to poor functioning. And, because you can drive a Mercedes virtually forever, your seat motor may have simply worn out and need replacement. Drop by Bob Mol Motors in Caringbah and we will find and fix the problem.

Mercedes Check Engine Light Issues

Your Mercedes has several indicator lights on the dashboard. The most important is the check engine light. You need to pay attention if this light comes on and take your car in to have it checked out as quickly as possible. This light tells you that there is an issue with your fuel injection system, engine management system, exhaust system, ignition system, or fuel system. Any of these if left unattended can lead to an emergency situation. At Bob Mol Motors we have been maintaining and repair Mercedes automobiles for more than thirty years. Drop by our shop on 20 Erskine Rd in Caringbah immediately if your check engine light comes on. If you are some distance away like in Mona Vale, please contact us by calling (02) 95253433 to see if it is safe to drive.

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