Covid Safe Vehicle Servicing

As the Sydney metro area endures a spike in cases of Covid-19 everyone needs to do their part to halt the spread of the disease. At Bob Mol Motors in Caringbah we are an essential service that remains open to maintain and service vehicles and keep the motoring public safe.

If you have any questions about if you need to bring your vehicle in for an inspection, contact us at 02 9525 3433. There are some routine services that can wait and others that should not. We will be pleased to advise you as to when you need to bring your vehicle in for maintenance or repairs.

When you do bring your vehicle in, be assured that Bob Mol Motors does Covid Safe Vehicle Services at all times and on all vehicles. We start by always wearing masks and following the 1.5 metre social distancing guidelines. Our staff exercises good hygiene, both personal hygiene and hygiene for your vehicle.

We routinely sanitise our tools and work spaces and as much as possible drop things like paperwork and keys into counters after sanitising them and before returning them to our
customers. Although we always wipe down your car after working on it, it does not bother us if you ask if we did. All surfaces that we touch or around which we work are cleaned and sanitised when we are done.

Normally we are pleased if you wish to wait for your vehicle in our waiting room while we do our work. Today as Covid 19 threatens all of us, we ask that our customers drop off their vehicles and come back to pick them up when we call. Our staff realizes that the Covid-19 virus can be spread by droplets in the air so we don’t confine our clean up to areas that we touch. We wipe down everything including seat belts, gear shifts, dashboards, and other exposed surfaces. We also clean up hidden spots where the virus may choose to hide.

It is tempting to sterilise leather, vinyl, or cloth surfaces with bleach or alcohol but we know that these substances will discolour or crack those materials. We only use cleaners that will not damage your vehicle but also ones that will disinfect and kill the virus.

When we work on your vehicle we assume that the surfaces we work on or near contain the Covid-19 virus and this helps us make certain that we clean everything and every area that could harbour the germ. Besides wearing face masks at all times we commonly wear gloves as well in order to make certain that any stray virus particles don’t enter our shop, survive, get transferred, and leave with your vehicle.