McGard Lock Nuts BMW

McGard makes high quality wheel locks, lug nuts, tailgate locks, spline drive lug nuts, and racing lugs for use on high quality vehicles like your BMW. In fact, McGard wheel locks are original equipment on more than thirty car lines worldwide. A problem that some of our  customers have encountered is that their McGard lock nuts don’t seem to want to come off which is why they come into our Bob Mol Motors with their BMW or other vehicle. The dreaded damaged mcgard lock nuts!

McGard Lug Nuts 

At Bob Mol Motors we have the tools to handle McGard lock nuts without having to strip out or heat and damage your rims. We don’t have to resort to welding to deal with damaged McGard lock nuts. That is because we have the specialised tool for working with McGard products and the experience to use them at our Caringbah location. When you bring your BMW with McGard lock nuts to our workshop we will remove your damaged McGard lock nuts or tailgate locks, spline drive lug nuts, wheel locks, or racing lugs efficiently and safely with the right tools without damaging your wheels or car. We have the tool to remove your lock nuts, no welding, no heating & damaging your rim

Premier Auto Services for 40 Years in the Sydney Metro Area

Bob Mol Motors has been servicing all makes and models of vehicles for four decades. All of our mechanics are experienced and highly qualified at their trade. We only use top of the line factory or OEM parts and always do the job with the specialised tools required. Thus, when your BMW has an issue with damaged McGard lock nuts, we know what to do and have the appropriate tools to get the job done on the spot without any fuss or delay. Because our mechanics stay up to date with all of the necessary tools and procedures of their trade, we can always handle issues with both newer and older model vehicles as well as parts like McGard lock nuts. What are mcgard nuts?

Pickup and Drop Off Service

When you need service for your vehicle and don’t have much time, you can take advantage of our pickup and collection service. Just call us at 02 9525 3433 to arrange an appointment. We take pride in providing the best repair and maintenance services for your vehicle and doing so in a manner that lets you do your work and manage your life without unnecessary waiting.

Why Use Lockable Nuts for Your Wheels?

The reason why many manufacturers use lock nuts for their vehicles is that lock nuts will not loosen with the jolts and vibration that comes with driving around, especially over rough bumps and potholes, like we have in Sydney. This is an excellent feature for vehicles under many conditions. Unfortunately, not all mechanics carry the tools or have the experience needed to deal with damaged McGard locks nuts and remove them safely. At Bob Mol Motors we do. Call 02 9525 33433 for an appointment. We are located on 20 Erskine Road, Caringbah, NSW, 2229 in Sutherland Shire. See a map of our location here