Mazda 2 steering knock

Is the sterring on your mazda 2 making a knock noise?

Mazda 2 steering knock

If you hear a knocking sound while driving your Mazda 2, then you might have a problem with the steering shaft. We will explain it in more detail in this blog post.

As your Mazda 2 gets used, it will slowly develop wear and tear, just as any vehicle does. Most of its parts should last for many years, but there is a weaker area that is prone to mechanical problems, which is the steering mechanism. When there is a problem, you’ll be able to identify it by listening out for a knocking sound under the hood of your car.

The sound originates from the joints that hold together the steering shaft. They attach the steering column to the power steering rack. There are two joints on either end, and these can sustain damage over time. As the damage worsens, the noise does too.

You can buy components online to use as substitutes, but because they are not likely to be official Mazda parts, any repairs made using them will not last very long. It is somewhat more expensive but is always worth the cost because otherwise, you could end up having to replace the steering shaft much sooner than you expected.

Fixing the shaft requires the expertise of a car mechanic because if you attempt it on your own, you might damage the wiring that connects to the airbag on the driver’s side, as well as altering the angle of the steering. The time taken for repairs like this is generally one hour, which means you should be able to get it solved quickly. Take a look at some of our reviews from Mazda owners on Google .

If you’re hearing the knocking sound and would like a trained mechanic to take a look at your Mazda 2 steering shaft, feel free to visit Bob Mol Motors at 20 Erskine Road, Caringbah, NSW 2229, or call us on (02) 9525 3433 or click here to see a map