Log Book Service in Taren Point. Bob Mol Motors

Log Book Service in Sutherland Shire at Bob Mol Motors

Is your vehicle due for it’s log book service? Worries the dealers will charge like a wounded bull for a routine service? For routine log book service for your vehicle in Sutherland Shire, come to Bob Mol Motors at Caringbah/Taren Point. We are locally owned and have been servicing vehicles in Sutherland Shire for more than forty years. With pickup and delivery of vehicles for our busy clients, we take care of both routine and minor log book services as well as major ones. At Bob Mol Motors we service and repair all makes and models of vehicles.

Log Book Services for Your Vehicle in Taren Point

Dropping by every 10,000 km or six months for an oil change and new oil filter for your vehicle is an excellent routine to keep your vehicle running properly. At the same time, you may ask the mechanic to check that funny sound coming from your engine. This may be the extent of what you expect when you bring your car in. But, it is not true log book service, which is what we routinely carry out at Bob Mol Motors in Caringbah/Taren Point.

Services always include a change of oil and filter but they also include all of the maintenance issues recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Many of the things that we do when we do services at Bob Mol Motors do not have to do with replacing anything but rather checking to see if there are problems. Preventative maintenance to save pain down the track. For example, that funny sound in your engine may be from a worn belt, bad bearings, or even a problem with your muffler! We check for all of these issues on every visit following the recommendations of your vehicle manufacturer and our own expertise in taking care of vehicles in Sutherland Shire for more than forty years.

Keeping Track of Log Book Services and Caring for Your Vehicle in Taren Point

When we do minor or major log book services for your vehicle, our expert technicians will, in fact, maintain the log book for your vehicle. This gives you a record over the years of the maintenance that has been carried out, what parts have been replaced, and what repairs have been carried out. This is not only for your peace of mind but also an excellent way to show that you have been taking care of your vehicle should you choose to sell it.

For major and minor log book services in Taren Point, Caringbah, and throughout Sutherland Shire, contact Bob Mol Motors on 20 Erskine Rd in Caringbah by calling (02) 95253433. See map here