Need a timing belt replaced? You can pay with Humm

Pay for Timing Belt Repairs with Humm

A part of your car’s engine that you probably do not think about is the timing belt. It keeps the crankshaft and cam in sync so that your cylinders fire at the right time. This belt is made from high-quality rubber that will need replacement from time to time. When you bring your vehicle to Bob Mol Motors in Caringbah for maintenance we will make certain that our timing belt is working properly and replace it when there is any problem.

If your timing belt is starting to fail you may notice a ticking noise coming from your engine. And, if you ignore the ticking noise and the belt breaks your engine will not turn over properly and you will need to get towed in for service. If you are so unlucky as to have the belt break while you are driving, your rocker arms, push rods, valves and other cylinder head hardware will be damaged and may need to be replaced. When you have an oil leak we commonly check the gasket between the timing cover and engine block as this can become cracked when the timing belt starts to deteriorate. And, if you have smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe, it may be because the timing belt is ready to go.

The point of this discussion is that a functioning timing belt is essential for a smooth running automobile and replacing a worn and deteriorating timing belt can help you avoid serious and very expensive repairs later on.

Because there are no guaranteed ways to know just when a timing belt will break, we recommend replacing your timing belt according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. And, of course, if your auto experiences any of the warning signs of a damaged and deteriorating timing belt we will investigate and make a replacement when needed.

If you are short on cash when you need your timing belt replaced, at Bob Mol Motors in Caringbah we are pleased if you choose to make instalment payments with Humm. Better safe than sorry when it comes to timing belts.

You can buy now and pay later with Bob Mol Motors in Caringbah. Free up your cash for other things, use Humm as a payment method for your timing belt replacement. Our team of mechanics, local shire residents, have the skills and tools needed to replace the timing belt on
your car. We will be pleased to help you schedule an appointment at a time convenient to you, typically the same day that you call.

Do not risk a damaged engine when you suspect a timing belt problem. Call us at Bob Mol Motors in Caringbah, (02) 9523 3433. You can pay for the parts and service that you need on the spot or pay later with Humm.