Pick up & delivery service during Covid-19

Car Pickup & Delivery

Bob Mol Motors are now offering a pick up & delivery service for you if you require a car service during Covid-19 restrictions.

We need no face to face contact, just call us on  02 9525 3433 to discuss, all cars are sanitised before & after service, we also wear latex gloves whilst in the car at all times. Call us to find out what area’s we offer this service to.

Covid -19 Measures undertaken by us are:

*Ramping up hygiene measures for all team members, including washing and sanitising hands regularly
*Avoiding skin-to-skin contact.
*Wearing gloves in customers cars and disinfecting surfaces such as door handles and the steering wheel.
*Disinfecting after handling keys and cash.
*Disinfecting areas of common use, such as our store counters.
*Advising all team members that those who are feeling unwell and/or have been in direct contact with someone who is unwell must follow self-isolation guidelines issued by the Australian Government.

*We ensure our staff are aware of all hotspot locations on the NSW health website. This means that they can isolate, get tested, or monitor for symptoms.

To book your No Contact pickup and delivery contact us