Why does my air conditioner stink?

Why Does My Air Conditioner Stink?

You are driving up the Cahill Expressway and coming up on the Sydney Harbour Bridge on a hot Summer’s day. You switch on your car’s air conditioner only to be greeted with an awful smell. As you turn off the AC and roll down the windows you wonder, why does my car’s air conditioner stink? The problem is always due to an accumulation of mould.

Why Does Mould Grow in Your Vehicle’s AC System?

Mould loves moisture. Although the air conditioning system both cools and dries the air inside of your car, the moisture has to go somewhere. Droplets of water build up on the AC unit’s evaporator core before they run through the drain tube to the ground.  Spores are everywhere and will happily settle and grow on any moisture source. What you get is a bad smell and sometimes the growth of mould causes allergic reactions, or asthma.

The mould grows when there is no air flow and is picked up (or the smell is picked up) when the air conditioning is switched on. The smell can be quite offensive. Mould allergies can be dangerous in individuals with lung problems like chronic asthma. Sometimes individuals become ill and that the reason for chronic respiratory difficulties is the mouldy AC unit.

What Can You Do?

Bring your vehicle and it’s smelly AC system in to us at Bob Mol Motors in Caringbah. We will be pleased to check your vehicle’s air conditioning system and service it, to make sure that it is functioning properly. We can cope with the smell if your air conditioner has a stink!

At Bob Mol Motors we will check out and clean around the evaporator core where mould build-up occurs. Our Air Conditioning service includes a complete clean-up and deodorisation that kills the mould and helps prevent it from returning.

If you are having a problem with an offensive smell when you turn on your air conditioner, suspect allergies because of mould from the AC, see us at Bob Mol Motors on Erskine Road near Taren Point or call (02) 9525 3433 to book an appointment. We won’t judge you for Air conditioner stink. To fix the problem – Why does my air conditioner stink? – Let Bob Mol Motors in Caringbah investigate the cause and make it smelling like a new car again!

We offer a drop-off and pick-up service for more details click on our CONTACT US page