VW running rough Jerking or Shuddering on acceleration

Is Your VW running rough Jerking or Shuddering on acceleration?
VW Service in Taren Point/Caringbah

Does your VW run rough? Do you experience shuddering when you accelerate or jerking? Bring your vehicle in to Bob Mol Motors in Caringbah for help with any VW car service.

Why Is Your Volkswagen Shuddering on Acceleration?

The TSI engine of a Volkswagen or Audi is a direct injection setup. This means that the fuel injector is right inside of the combustion chamber or cylinder. This is a very efficient setup but a really hard environment for the fuel injector to function in.  You get better mileage with excellent control and fuel efficiency as well as more power. But, when the injector has problems in the TSI engine, you will experience misfires, usually because the fuel injector gets stuck in the open position.  That is when you will have jerking, shuddering, or rough running.

This is a problem than we routinely see and fix at Bob Mol Motors in Sutherland Shire. However, before we simply assume that the problem of your VW misfire is the fuel injector, we also check the spark plugs, ignition coils, and look for carbon build up. Very commonly, there is more than one issue. When we replace your injectors we also check out everything else and clean any carbon build up off of the valves. When you VW or Audi runs rough, you experience VW jerking, come to an experienced VW mechanic, Bob Mol Motors in Taren Point/Caringbah.

VW Service in Sutherland Shire

When you need maintenance or repairs for your Audi or VW in Taren Point, Caringbah, or anywhere in Sutherland Shire, come to Bob Mol Motors. We have been taking care of autos of all makes and models including Volkswagens for more than forty years. Our experienced mechanics are Bosch certified and qualified for the entire range of services and repairs required of a Volkswagen. Don’t let your VW injector problems leave your VW with shuddering cold starts or misfires. Come to Bob Mol Motors for VW service the Sydney Metro area and enjoy your smooth-running, fuel efficient Volkswagen. Let us work out why your VW running rough, Jerking or Shuddering on acceleration

We offer pickup and delivery for our busy customers and are always pleased to carry out all log book services needed for your VW. You can contact us by calling  (02) 95253433.  Send an email to service@bobmolmotors.com.au, or dropping by our workshop on 20 Erskine Rd in Caringbah. See a Map Here 

Get routine maintenance at Bob Mol Motors for your Volkswagen and avoid problems later on.