VW / Audi Engine light on

Audi and VW Engine Light Problems

What do you do if the check engine light turns on in your Audi or VW? The answer is, take your vehicle to Bob Mol Motors at 20 Erskine Rd. in Caringbah, NSW. We have the expertise, experience, tools, and equipment that can rapidly diagnose the fault or faults that tripped the warning light. An Audi or VW Engine Light Problem should not be ignored.

Causes of a Check Engine Warning Light in Your Audi or VW

When you are driving across the Captain Cook Bridge and your VW or Audi engine light turns on, you may or may not notice other issues. It may be that there is a poor throttle response, reduced power, shaking vehicle, engine misfiring or running rough.  It could be a cloud of smoke coming out of the exhaust, or unusual engine sounds. You may notice nothing but still, the check engine light is warning you that there is a problem.

Common reasons for your Audi or VW engine warning light to come on are bad spark plugs, a fault in the oxygen sensor, ignition coil issues, a vacuum leak, trouble with the mass airflow sensor or catalytic converter, or simply a loose petrol cap. In fact, there are hundreds of potential problems that could trigger your Audi or VW check engine light. The only way to be certain is to have expert mechanics like the technicians at Bob Mol Motors assess the issue, check the fault codes, and solve the problem before it gets worse.

What to Do When Your Audi or VW Check Engine Light Turns On

Perhaps your VW or Audi was recently serviced and had a clean bill of health. And, you just added petrol to the tank. If the check engine light is illuminated and nothing seems to be wrong, pull over to the side of the highway and check the petrol cap. If it is loose, tighten it until it clicks. If this appears to solve the issue, you can in all likelihood drive to your destination. However, we strongly suggest that you call us at Bob Mol Motors on 02 9525 3433 to report the issue. Our highly trained technicians can tell if you ought to bring your vehicle in immediately for a check-up.

If your Audi or VW has obvious problems, you need to contact us at Bob Mol Motors (029525 3433) immediately. We have the tools, expertise, and experience to quickly diagnose the problem or problems and help you avoid dangerous problems when driving and expensive repair issues. Click to Contact Us 

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