Toyota Air Bag Light On or Horn Not Working?

Toyota Air Bag Light On or Horn Not Working?
Is The Toyota Airbag Light on in your vehicle?

The place to take your Toyota for service and repairs in Caringbah, Taren Point, or anywhere in Southern  Sydney is Bob Mol Motors on 20 Erskine Road in Caringbah.  The Airbag light on your Toyota, or the horn not working is a sign of a failed clock sping. Our highly trained technicians deal with all Toyota problems, large and small. And, we will sort out problems that were never obvious to our clients. One of these issues is a failed clock spring and the cascade of problems that come as a result.

Does the Horn in Your Toyota Not Work?

You would like the horn in your Toyota to work for obvious reasons but what you may not know is that when the horn is not working the problem may not be the horn! A problem that our technicians often find is a failed clock spring. When the clock spring on its circuit it may affect other circuits like the horn. We know Toyotas from top to bottom and inside out. We will spot the cause of your troubles and not only fix the horn but the clock spring as well.

Has Your Toyota Airbag Light Turned On?

When this happens we will check it out so that you can rest assured that the airbag will function correctly. What surprises many of our clients with this problem is that the trouble is sometimes not the air bag! Again, it is a clock spring failure because once the clock spring circuit fails other circuits including the airbag can follow in quick succession.

What Other Troubles Can a Failed Toyota Clock Spring Cause?

The cascade of problems caused by a failed clock spring also includes troubles with the radio and feedback of the steering angle. When your radio does not work it is annoying. When the steering angle feedback is off, that can be dangerous. Fortunately, finding that the clock spring is the problem and replacing it solves a multitude of issues.

Replacing the Clock Spring in Your Toyota

When you bring your Toyota to us, we will find and fix even the most hidden and difficult issues. Bob Mol Motors can carry out diagnosis and replacement of clock springs in most Toyota vehicles. Call us on 02 9525 3433 to discuss. We only use genuine items for any air bag or safety related item. It is not worth the risk fitting a cheap eBay item to your car. When you have problems with your air bags, radio, or horn, call or email