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Below is an example of typical  car service routines and the type of service they form. We offer all of these, depending on the kilometre interval and logbook service required, or which inspection is required – like a Pink Slip inspection.

Here is what the mechanics at Bob Mol Motors can cover in your car service.

Typical servicing checklistWhy it’s includedService type
Brake pad thickness checked: front and rear
Your brakes require a sufficient amount of material to operate correctly. The material slowly wears down over time through use.
Oil change and interval service
Brake system inspected for leaks/damage
Any leaks in the brake system can result in poor braking performance and is a major safety concern. Likewise, any broken or defective components need replacing right away.
Interval service
Brake fluid level checked
The braking system is a hydraulic circuit that needs a specific level of fluid to operate. The brake fluid level drops as brake pads wear down.
Interval service
Brake fluid changed
Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs water. Water is compressible and prone to boiling, where brake fluid is not. The moisture in the brake fluid reduces braking performance. The fluid is replaced to maintain the braking action.
Inspection service
Engine oil changed/oil filter replaced
Engine oil lubricates internal engine parts, which keeps them moving freely. Oil maintains engine performance and stops fast spinning parts from overheating and failing. Oil also removes contaminants like soot and the oil filter cleans the oil: both have a limited lifespan.
Oil change and interval service
Battery visually inspected
The battery is examined for frayed cables, loose connections, powdery deposits on the terminals and to make sure the casing isn’t cracked.
Interval service
Tyre tread depth, condition, wear pattern and pressure checked
Tyre treads help to shed standing water from the road, improving traction and keeping the tyre cool. Once they wear beyond the minimum levels, a car will not have as much grip and braking distances will increase.
Interval service
Power steering fluid checked
Vehicles with hydraulically assisted power steering need a certain amount of fluid to operate. Mechanics check the power steering reservoir level and top-up if necessary.
Interval service
Exhaust pipe checked for leaks and secure fitting
A leaking exhaust can cause fumes to enter the cabin of your car and can also negatively affect engine performance. Likewise, a restricted exhaust, as a result of damage, might result in backfiring or power losses. A loose or wobbly exhaust could fall off.
Inspection service
Boot and swivel joints checked
Cars have CV joints that transfer drive from the gearbox or diff to the wheel. These joints allow your car to turn and still have drive. Protecting the joint are rubber dust boots. These boots can split and allow dirt and road trash to wear the internal joint prematurely.
Inspection service
Gearbox and transmission checked for leaks
The gearbox houses a series of moving gears on shafts. An automatic gearbox also includes a group of planetary gears. Both types rely on oil for cooling and lubricating purposes, so technicians examine the casings for signs of leaks.
Inspection service
Vehicle system check
Modern cars have an onboard computer, known as the ECU or ECM, controlling many components. Mechanics can plug in a device to scan individual sensors and systems for proper operation and error codes.
Inspection service
Front and rear lights checked
Road regulations require working lights, so the headlights, brake lamps and indicators plus number plate bulbs get tested to make sure they illuminate.
Inspection service
Body checked for damage
Any scratches or stone chips expose the bare metal underneath, which start to rust. Rust will eventually weaken the panel.
Inspection service
Coolant level checked
Engine coolant flows through internal passageways in the block of the power plant and lowers operating temperatures. If the level drops too low, the engine can overheat, causing massive damage.
Inspection service
Engine components checked visually
Our mechanic inspects the engine bay for oil or fluid leaks, signs of damage or failing components.
Inspection service
Headlight adjustment verified
Poorly adjusted headlights reduce low-light vision and can dazzle oncoming motorists. Thanks to bumps and potholes in the road, the headlights may work loose and need re-aligning.
Inspection service
Windscreen wiper and washer fluid
The condition of windscreen wipers is inspected and the washer fluid reservoir topped up.
Inspection service
Horn and warning lamps tested
The horn is tested as are the hazard lights.
Inspection service
Steering system inspected
A series of rods connect the steering rack/box to the wheel end. On the end of these rods are movable joints known as track-rod ends. If these fail, they can seize in place, causing erratic and dangerous steering.
Inspection service
Car is given a test drive
Our technician will take your car for a spin to make sure everything is ok and there are no unusual noises.
Inspection service
Service light reset, service sticker filled out
Our mechanic resets the service warning lamp on the dashboard and fills out the service history booklet.
Oil change and interval service

In addition to these typical tasks, manufacturers specify essential tasks to be carried out at set odometer readings.

For example, every 30,000km, the fuel filter is replaced and the tension of engine belts is checked. Every 40,000km, the gearbox oil is entirely replaced, the cabin filter that removes pollen from the air is swapped and spark plugs are changed.

At predetermined points, pulleys and tensioners may be replaced and at any point, a superseded component may be swapped. Other manufacturers also inspect the seats and seatbelts, plus a whole host of other criteria. Generally, these services will cost more.

Your motoring comfort, safety and fuel efficiency is our goal.

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