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Vehicle Pink Slip Inspections in Caringbah at Bob Mol Motors

Bring your vehicle to Bob Mol Motors in Caringbah, NSW, if you need a New South Wales vehicle safety inspection or pink slip. If your vehicle is more than 5 years old you may require a roadworthy certificate in NSW. Whenever you purchase a vehicle, the law requires that with any change of registration a vehicle must be inspected. We do vehicle inspections at Bob Mol Motors in Caringbah. While you will need a vehicle safety check to allow you to drive your vehicle, you should also consider a safety check before any purchase. Many types of problems may be difficult to recognise. But our experienced and qualified mechanics will check your vehicle from front to back and spot any issues of concern. For vehicle inspections in Caringbah, Bob Mol Motors is you best choice.

NSW Vehicle Safety Criteria

For a full explanation of who needs a vehicle safety inspection, you can visit the Safety Checks and Inspections page on the Transport for NSW website. The basic requirement is that when you need to register or re-register a vehicle, you need a safety inspection. This includes when you move to New South Wales as well as when you purchase a vehicle.

Your Safety is Important

Although getting a vehicle safety inspection is a legal requirement, you really do not want to be driving an unsafe vehicle. When you need an eSafety check in the Sutherland Shire or St George area, come to Bol Mol Motors in Caringbah.

We will check the condition of your vehicle’s body, the quality of your tyres including the depth tread and all electronics including your blinkers, dash lights, interior lights, and headlights. We also examine your exhaust, suspension, engine, and condition of the driveline. If there is a problem with your seatbelt that affects your safety we will find out. We also check out driveline and engine fluid leaks as well as testing the efficiency of your brakes. Although there are specific requirements for the NSW eSafety inspection, we will check out and alert you to any other vehicle safety issues as well. At Bol Mol Motors in Caringbah, the condition of your vehicle and your safety are our ultimate concerns.

Bob Mol motors can carry out your annual e safety inspection in your lunch break, pink slips are valid for 6 months so you can get your slip in advance if you are going on holidays.

If you have any questions about pink slip criteria in New South Wales, feel free to contact us online, call us at (02) 95253433, send us an email at, or simply drop by 20 Erskine Rd, Caringbah, NSW and ask. For directions visit our contact us page

Inspections usually take about 20 minutes to complete.

You can wait in our waiting room or grab a coffee or a snack from  The Tamping ground.