Hyundai Airbag light illuminated

Sort out your Hyundai Airbag Light Problems at Bob Mol Motors

When the Hyundai airbag light comes on, that is a sign something is wrong. At Bob Mol Motors, we look at live data readings from your car to find and fix the problem.

What the airbag light means

When the airbag light has come on, that is generally a sign that something is wrong with the airbag. There could be several causes of the issue, but the most probable is that there is some kind of fault with the wiring. This could be related to the airbag system or the sensor- both crucial to the functioning of the airbag.

Should the airbag have a fault, it might not be as effective as it should be? This small light is a crucial safety feature to ensure that the driver is aware of any faults with the airbag.

How we fix the airbag light

At Bob Mol Motors, we have the tools to get an image of the driver’s side clock spring live data. That’s just mechanical talk for, we can look at your car’s computer to see what the problem is. By accessing your cars live data readings, we can spot the exact problem, which will allow us to solve what needs to be solved without all of the other time-consuming checks that other repair shops might make.

That's one of the great things about the Hyundai. Because they work on a data readings system, it’s easier for us to spot exactly where the fault is.

Why you need the airbag light fixed

For some of you, the airbag might just be something that you hardly think about. But in reality, without the airbag, a lot of car crashes would be much nastier, which is why it's so vital that you get any issues sorted as soon as possible.

When a car crashes, the driver will be thrust forward. The airbag is designed to slow this, reducing the risk of injury to the internal organs and rib cage. Having a functioning airbag could literally be the difference between life and death in the event of a crash.

Why us?

With so many car repair shops in Sutherland Shire, why should you go for Bob Mol Motors?

Firstly, we always like to keep ourselves up to date with the latest and best car repairing equipment. Which enables us to make repairs on even the newest and most high tech cars.

Secondly, we have experience. Having been in the game for many years, with a team of fully trained staff. We’re used to all sorts of cars with all kinds of problems.

But of course, the only true test of how good we are is what our customers think. According to Google and TripAdvisor, we have many happy customers. Read them here Google –  and Facebook here


Next time you notice your Hyundai Airbag Light come on or you have a Hyundai airbag light problem, don’t panic. Do, however, get it sorted as quickly as possible by taking your car into Bob Mol Motors.

Taking it into us as soon as possible ensures that in no time, your bag bags will be running correctly again. To book an appointment contact us