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At Bob Mol Motors, we believe that a Mercedes is one of the finest cars to own in Sydney, but even the best need maintenance to stay in peak running condition. With that in mind, we offer a complete suite of services designed to extend the life of your W204, R230 or other model as long as possible. By following the manufacturer's log book recommendations for oil changes, tune ups, and other mileage events, you're sure to have a top quality vehicle that performs to its utmost potential. Bob Mol Motors in Sydney is committed to providing the kind of unparalleled support that will keep your car running flawlessly for many years to come.

With a world-renowned legacy of reliability, it's not a surprise that even older models like the 500C are still commonly seen on the streets. A big part of that reliability is choosing the right service centre and there are none better than Bob Mol Motors. Our technicians have worked on Mercedes models from all years and are just as capable working on a classic W210 as they are on the newest CLA. We have a full and detailed understanding of how a Mercedes engine works and can breathe new life into a car that seems to be falling apart.

Don't settle for dealership prices?

The biggest speed bump for log book servicing is the outrageously high prices charged by Mercedes dealerships.

With that in mind, why not turn to Bob Mol Motors in Sydney for a substantial discount without sacrificing the quality of your repair or service.

Our rates fall much lower than your local dealership, due in part to our low overhead compared to a dealer's fancy showroom. With these savings, we're able to charge reasonable prices that will fit well into your Mercedes maintenance budget.

An Alternative to Sydney Mercedes Dealerships.

As a specialised, independent Mercedes auto service provider, our direct competitors are not necessarily other garages, but rather dealerships. With that in mind, we aim to excel in every way, starting with professional customer service and incorporating superior service ability and timely delivery of completed repairs.

With our log book service, you can be sure that not only will you keep your warranty, but you will also be doing everything possible to stretch your Mercedes to its maximum life. In the event that you decide to buy another car, full log book servicing will result in a much higher price when you go to sell your old Mercedes.

For more information about our Mercedes services or for a free repair quote, call us today. You will be glad that you did!

Stop! Before you go anywhere else

Some of the advantages of having your Mercedes serviced at Bob Mol Motors include

  • Quality repairs and service
  • Qualified brake technicians
  • Manufacturers book services
  • Pink up and Delivery service
  • Courtesy cars available
  • Convenient trading hours
  • Open Saturdays by appointment

Specialist equipment for a specialist Mercedes service

When you bring your Mercedes to Bob Mol Motors, you have the feeling and absolute confidence in a job well done.

  • All mechanics are qualified tradesmen
  • We are Authorised Bosch Service Agents
  • We have been established for 40 years
  • Your New car warranty is safe with us
  • We stamp your log book after servicing
  • All work is guaranteed