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If you drive a new car then you will undoubtedly know how important regular service checkups are to ensure that your car performs at its best. Built for comfort and efficiency, Audi not only makes passenger vehicles, but also 4 Wheel Drives and light commercials. If you are lucky enough to own a top of the line model then you will know that it comes with Sophisticated electrical systems, unique programmable keys and customised settings, that are all made to give a far more luxurious driving experience. However, to keep your vehicle running at it best, regular servicing is essential to ensure that all electrical & mechanical systems are working properly, otherwise faults can occur.

We offer BIG savings off main dealer prices Thanks to Bob Mol Motors competitive rates, you no longer need to pay main dealer prices for labour, parts or accessories. This means that by servicing your vehicle with Bob Mol Motors you could easily save a nice amount of money on your next full service. These savings apply whether your car's still under warranty from the manufacturer, or outside the warranty period. Your Manufacturer warranty protected with Bob Mol Motors There was a time when it was difficult to go anywhere other than a franchised dealer to get a car serviced when it was still within its warranty period.

If your new car warranty has run out? Give us a call, you will be glad that you did!

We specialise in all post warranty serving and repairs on all makes and models. We can help you keep your vehicle in top shape for many years to come. To avoid expansive repairs, simple preventive maintenance at our service centre will keep your car on the road and your hard earned money in your pocket. Call us today and take advantage of one of these simple services;

When was the last time you checked your engine oil?

Oil should be checked and topped up if needed every month or so. This keeps engine parts lubricated, and ensures that your car runs at its peak performance.

Have your brakes & brake fluid checked

To be safe and keep your brakes in good condition, regular checks of your brake fluid level are very important. During Winter or Summer, there is plenty of wet weather throughout the year, so any problems with your brakes could be catastrophic and in fact dangers. Play safe and book in today for a Brake Inspection check.

General Servicing

Thorough inspection to ensure that all filters are in good condition, replacement of any filters that may need to be replaced, oil change, coolant fluid checks and other basic checks. You will be advised if your vehicle requires further repairs.

Engine & Fault Diagnostics

All engine lights and warning lights are checked to ensure that everything is in a good working order, and if not, the exact problem will be diagnosed.

Gearbox and Clutch

f your clutch is sticking, or you have to push down further than normal, then the clutch might be worn. Before you get stuck somewhere have it checked today.

Stop! Before you go anywhere else

Some of the advantages of having your vehicle serviced at Bob Mol Motors include

  • Quality repairs and service
  • Qualified brake technicians
  • Manufacturers book services
  • Pink up and Delivery service
  • Courtesy cars available
  • Convenient trading hours
  • Open Saturdays by appointment

Specialist Equipment for Specialist service

When you bring your car to Bob Mol Motors, you have the feeling if absolute confidence in a job well done.

  • All mechanics are qualified tradesmen
  • We are Authorised Bosch Service Agents
  • We have been established for 40 years
  • Your New car warranty is safe with us
  • We stamp your log book after servicing
  • All work is guaranteed

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