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Pay your registration on line @ Bob Mol Motors with our internet kiosk, its simple, we can do you inspection here & if the car passes the safety check you can simply log on to the RTA web site & pay your rego here. Or if you get bored while waiting check you E-mails, Surf the net or catch up with friends on MSN. Have a cold coke, A coffee, or a glass of cold water while waiting, The automotive industry is changing & so are we. We have the daily paper available for our customers.

Ease of servicing

We try to make servicing easy with our internet kiosk, Pick up & delivery service, Courtesy cars, why would you use a mobile service who have there equipment stuffed into a van, we need a workshop to house our equipment & use vehicle hoists to carry out servicing this way we can see with our lighting systems under the car & any problems that might be lurking. In our opinion mobile servicing is like a dinosaur, its a thing of the past, we have a workshop full of regularly used equipment that we would need a semi trailer to carry from job to job.

Renewing your vehicle registration

All you need to do is buy your green slip  All vehicles (except trailers) need to have Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance cover - a 'green slip'. You can't renew your rego until the RTA has confirmation that you've bought a green slip. CTP insurance companies will send confirmation of your green slip to the RTA electronically. If you pay your green slip at the Post Office, a broker or agency, online transmission may have significant delays. Your CTP insurer will immediately send confirmation of payment to the RTA electronically (some exceptions apply)

Have an inspection (if needed).

Most vehicles more than five years old must pass an annual safety inspection. Ifyour vehicle needs an inspection, your Renewal Notice will say so. Trailers under 250kg do not need to be inspected. To renew your registration, you need to get an e-Safety Check. The inspection report will be sent to the RTA electronically. That makes renewing your registration much easier. After an e-Safety Check, you can renew your rego online or over the phone.

If your vehicle fails to pass the inspection, a 'white slip' will be issued. This will detail the specific items that need to be fixed before your vehicle can be registered. Once the repairs have been carried out and checked, an e-Safety Check will be issued.

Once you have: bought your green slip and got your e-Safety Check you're ready to renew your registration.

Renew online at myRTA.

The easiest way is to renew online at myRTA. The RTA accepts all major credit cards for phone and online renewals, and you can use BPAY too for online renewals.

Bob Mol Motors can perform an inspection to ensure a vehicle is road worthy for an upcoming trip or just peace of mind. This is usually advertised through dealerships as a used car inspection. We also can do pre-warranty inspections to satisfy aftermarket warranty companies of the vehicles condition before they issue a policy

Stop! Before you go anywhere else

Some of the advantages of having your vehicle serviced at Bob Mol Motors include

  • Quality repairs and service
  • Qualified brake technicians
  • Manufacturers book services
  • Pink up and Delivery service
  • Courtesy cars available
  • Convenient trading hours
  • Open Saturdays by appointment

Specialist Equipment for Specialist service

When you bring your car to Bob Mol Motors, you have the feeling if absolute confidence in a job well done.

  • All mechanics are qualified tradesmen
  • We are Authorised Bosch Service Agents
  • We have been established for 40 years
  • Your New car warranty is safe with us
  • We stamp your log book after servicing
  • All work is guaranteed

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